Whether you are looking for a raster or vector tile source for outback Australian map data look no further than the EOTopo map project from I.T. Beyond.
Created: February 2017
Revised: June 2018
Latest Feedback: February 2017

EOTopo Online 2015.1

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EOTopo History

For many years, EOTopo maps have been available for online viewing on the ExplorOz website (free).
In 2013, EOTopo was released for sale in a 200K raster mapset (download or USB/SD).
In 2016, a Premium 144K tiled raster zoom EOTopo mapset was released exclusively for the ExplorOz Traveller app (download in-app).

In February 2018 we released a major update of the entire data source, featuring increased zoom scales in the raster product from 200K to 144K and increased zoom scales in the online product from 144K to 18K. The online product remains free but can now be viewed either via a web-browser, or through the ExplorOz Traveller app at 18K scale. The offline raster maps are now only available to download (no USB/SD option sorry).

The raster mapset contains a few different map file formats to allow import into different platforms (not compatible with iPad/iPhone). It is ideally suited for users of OziExplorer mapping software, and Hema Navigators. These maps can be purchased and downloaded directly from ExplorOz via our online shop ( EOTopo Raster).

The EOTopo 2018 Release contains the Standard raster mapset (200K) PLUS a new Premium raster mapset (144K).

What's New in the 2018 Release?

Release 2018 is a major update which brings street level details into the road network using the latest OpenStreetMap (OSM) dataset. However, this was not a straight data conversion process. The OSM data is seriously lacking regional and outback data and has many metadata issues, so a major part of the 2018 release was bringing these data sources together, which involved a massive task of data conflation (a process to evaluate each data element and a keep/reject or update function was applied to the topo databases). This conflation then allowed the production of a map that contains the best bits from each of the databases. This process also involved addressing metadata issues and dealing with high scale data in a mid scale product. The 2018 product in vector and online formats is being rendered to down to a 1:18K scale with good accuracy with the possibility of getting close to 1:1.1K in our vector based products. In the 2018 release new places extracts from Dec 2017 were used and a large number of datasources were updated including, ABS Mesh Boundaries, Native Title, Water Bodies, Oceans & Seas, coupled with OSM datasources.

Summary of Previous Release Updates

Whilst you can read each specific update in the section heading below (see EOTopo Updates), the following is a brief summary of EOTopo updates prior to the 2018 Release.

Release 2015.1 was a minor release to Release 2015 (October 2014) and features the addition of a new 'Deformation Areas' data layer. This update only affects the the 200K series maps and all other scales have retained the 2015 version numbers.

During the 2015.1 update a new import of the ExplorOz Places data was undertaken and the POI data both on the 200K maps and in the Name Search files is current as at 19 Jan 2015. Additionally, on the 200K maps the POI symbol images were reduced in size by approx 20%. This recovers some map detail around the POI's whilst maintaining good readability and clarity of the symbols.

2015 was a major update to Release 2014.3 with significant updates to a large number of data layers including Road Names and Road styling, the inclusion of road distance markers, and the inclusion of symbols showing Campsites and Point of Interest features. The Place Name data source has been completely replaced to that used in 2014.3.

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