Outback Topographic Maps

Whether you are looking for a raster or vector tile source for outback Australian map data look no further than the EOTopo map project from I.T. Beyond.
Created: February 2017
Revised: August 2016
Latest Feedback: February 2017

EOTopo Online 2015.1

EOTopo History

EOTopo 200K was first released for sale in November 2013 and has since had 3 major updates. The most current version is Release 2015.1, whilst a Premium Map Pack was released in June 2016 as an in-app purchase for ExplorOz Traveller app users. Our next planned release for an update to the map data layers will be 2017.

Updates to the EOTopo mapset have been ongoing, with significant changes including the addition of most of the new roads that have been built throughout Australia’s main roads network since the last Government S3 survey, along with extensive road name labelling, refinement of text labelling and styles as well as adding the 'Shaded Relief' layer, road distance notations, improved detail to Vic High Country areas, major road realignments in Brisbane and Adelaide, addition of the 2014 Native Title Register, and removed many legacy data features and added newer data from ExplorOz Places database. The EOTopo 200K mapset also includes markers to show position of camps, caravan parks & station stays, 1500+ tourist interest sites, and 64 Roadhouses.

The most notable update to the EOTopo product set is the 2016 release of EOTopo Premium 144K vector-tile maps, which has been exclusively released in our own new mapping/navigation/tracking app - ExplorOz Traveller. ExplorOz Traveller is for iOS & Android devices. A big advantage of using the EOTopo maps within the ExplorOz Traveller App is that they are provided as vector-tiles so you have access to high quality, clear resolution when zooming in for greater detail - in fact the detail is 1:144,000 scale at full zoom when using the Premium Map Pack. In addition, the entire Places database of 80,000 POIS are loaded onto the maps so you can discover new places nearby as you travel. These POIs are clickable - allowing you to access photos, description, contact details/links, and reviews from other visitors. You can also leave your own reviews and photos.

ExplorOz Traveller is an all-in-one navigation solution utilising 3 maps sources:- Streets & Paths (© Mapbox © OpenStreetMap), Satellite (© Mapbox © OpenStreetMap), and EOTopo (© ExplorOz © I.T. Beyond Pty Ltd). It also comes with the full resource library of ExplorOz Treks, and 80,000 Places. You can also load your own POIs - by entering coordinates, addresses, dropping a pin at the current location, your press/hold the map. With all these features, you can clearly see that the ExplorOz Traveller app is the must-have complete mobile navigation solution. To get ExplorOz Traveller and the EOTopo maps - simply go to the Apple App Store to download onto any iPad or iPhone, or go to the Google Playstore to download it onto any Android tablet or phone.

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