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Wednesday, Mar 11, 2015 at 04:18

David Martin

Today we have launched a new MPP based PI website for

This new website is using the parallel instance (PI) model developed by I.T. Beyond which allows any business to gain access to the software and management suite that has been developed for the site.

The parallel instance concept is very simple and has been used in a similar solution created for Each PI is a logical copy of the main database and code (Main Parallel Platform - MPP) that runs the ExplorOz site. The ExplorOz site is also a PI running on the MPP. Each PI operates on the same physical platform as the MPP.

The physical platform is provided via a number of cloud based servers that are run on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. The AWS platform has unlimited scaling and the current environment is setup to auto scale (add more hardware) when load demands require more resources and also scale down when the resources are no longer required. The AWS services are offered across multiple locations to reduce the risks associated with a single site or service level failure and provide a very high level of reliability and performance.

The AWS platform carries both the web application and database servers. The minimum server level within the MPP is 3 web servers, 1 database server and storage service. Of the 3 servers, 2 for desktop and 1 for mobile and all support auto scaling. The database server is a single instance with 15 seconds backups with up to 5 days of daily backup available. Should a failure occur with the database instance a recovered database is automatically launched and made available within 5 mins of a critical failure and recovered to within 15 seconds of failure. The storage service is used for image storage and ad-hoc data caching and mass storage functionality.

I.T. Beyond is working to provide this membership and user engagement software solution to other clubs and businesses.
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